About Us

About us

Together, we can empower the voiceless!

Empowerment of people who need support in India and the improvement of essential services plays a significant role in the lives of billions. On the 31st of December, HelpLine Foundation embarked upon a journey to assist the disadvantaged to lead a better life. It all began when a successful entrepreneur, T Shalini Devi and her sister, T Dhatchayani, proposed a simple plan to create a group that assists the needy and helps them through the hardships they face. Helpline Foundation is working hard to make the founder’s vision a reality. Currently, an idea and project that started in 2012 with just Shalini and five others, is providing employment to over 150 women. They went through immense difficulties but overcame them with their firm beliefs of equal rights for women and free education for all children. She envisions the promotion of sports with the opening of new sports schools and village academies. Even the smallest contribution can make a difference and aid billions around the world!

Welcome to Helpline Foundtion

We Believe that We Can Save More Lifes with You


Targeting employment opportunities for women to help them raise a life for themselves.


Improving the quality of life with proper services and hospitalisation thereby enhancing medical services.


Ensuring that the world never starves by providing and sharing food.


Giving importance to education and learning so that there is no future for illiteracy.


Providing a roof to the underprivileged for a safer and sound life.